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Change Your FOOD to Change Your Mood

Anti-Inflammatory Menu Planner. What if we have a food quality problem? When we solve THIS problem our physical and mental health will improve.

Track daily improvements in your health and mental wellbeing.

Alexia Parks and Dr. Joel Rauchwerger PhD – 23Ingredients Founders


Rehmah Kasule

I suffered from SAD, a seasonal depression. Following the 23Ingredients menu planner 30-day plan, I regained my energy, sense of motivation and joy. I also lost weight.

Stuart Price

I have a picky palate. There’s so much I don’t like, especially vegetables. I also have gut pain and discomfort associated with my IBD. I had already started intermittent fasting. I added 23 Ingredients to my program and I felt much better and pain free within 14 days!

Mehran Vahedi

“23Ingredients helped me focus on eating better food. I was able to lose 20 pounds and experience a heightened sense of mental clarity while feeling energetic and healthy.”

WHY 23?

Boost Energy Levels
Gain Mental Clarity
Activate Longevity Factors

ASK for 23Ingredients Menu Planner As A Medical Prescription.

Medicare and Medicaid Cover Food As Medicine for the Use of Food to Improve Mental Health for qualified participants. Our anti-inflammatory meal planner helps prevent, reverse or reduce most diseases including obesity, diabetes, and colon cancer.

Food As Medicine Is Affordable Healthcare with ZERO side effects

Download our 23Ingredients APP. Our 8-week online, self-paced course on Food Security includes virtual mentorship, certification for personal development, and higher education credit for nurse practitioners, licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and health coaches.

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23Ingredients APP

23 APP is FREE. Track daily
improvements in physical and mental health.
Instant Results and Benefits
Use the SIGN-IN tab to download the 23app on any mobile device and a desktop computer.
Our optional monthly newsletter includes
selfcare health tips.
Selfcare is the NEW healthcare.

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$299 – $1,499

  Self-paced with in-person and online virtual mentors.
June-July Sept.- October January-Feb.
You gain expertise in food security, and best
food safety practices for home and community.
For personal development, a future career, and public health professional development.
Certification upon completion and optional
Colorado State University and from Colorado School of Public Health partners continuing education credit. Transcript payment required.

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$995/Per Person

Business, Non-Profits Healthcare, and
Government Agencies.
Schedule a small group clinical study and
custom report to measure success and impact
of a 30-day program.
Our 30-day program includes nutrition
education, online and in-person training and
 virtual mentorship in 2X weekly meetings.
Ask about group discounts.

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ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance

In the parlance of sports, Alexia Parks and the company she runs would be characterized as a triple threat—namely, she feeds the hungry, assures that healthy food is provided, and creates jobs for those who lost their jobs at the height of the pandemic to carry forth this campaign. With both energy and courage, Alexia does not settle for the status quo and by so doing realizes her goal of doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place.

Steven Lehat

Regulatory attorney and strategic advisor to ESG companies

Finance and Economics

I have assisted many small business owners and reviewed many business plans. The First Food Responder model stands out because it creates jobs while tackling food insecurity without creating additional bureaucracy. It places no burden on government resources, is good for the economy, and is good for the environment. First Food Responders is a winner!

Howard O Bernstein

Esq., CPA, past president of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs and former associate regional advocate for the US Small Business Administration

Energy and Air Pollution Reduction

I oversee programs that reduce the energy burden and carbon consumption of low-income residents of Riverside County. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was tapped to begin sourcing and delivering meals to vulnerable unhoused resi- dents. We ran this operation for four months before contract- ing with 23ZIP, Inc., home of the First Food Responders. It was then that I met Alexia Parks and was introduced to the First Food Responder model. As a professional dedicated to developing programs that meet people’s needs and serve the greater community at the same time, I was immediately taken by the breadth of positive externalities of this model.

Wayne Harris

energy program manager, Community Action Partnership of Riverside County, California

Physical and Mental Health

I served as an advisor to this innovative food technology com- pany in early 2021. I believe that the future of food is hyperlo- cal, fresh, healthy, and seasonal. I also believe that shared food experiences have the power to heal us and improve our phys- ical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual well-being. I look forward to a future collaboration with First Food Responders!

Adam DeVito

former director of new concept development, Kraft Foods; managing partner, Sterling-Rice Group; chairman, Monj Health

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