Alexia Parks

A blue icon of a hand holding a heart. Alexia Parks is President and CEO of 23ZIP, Inc. a Public Benefit Corporation, which is the home of the First Food Responders. â„¢ï¸ She is also an award-winning social impact entrepreneur, who has launched 37 successful projects including,, one of the first electronic democracy website on the Internet. For this breakthrough innovation, Newsweek magazine called her: “One of 50 people who matter most on the NET.â€
She met Dr Joel Rauchwerger in 2010 and has collaborated with him on the whole-body health and self-care series of videos and books.

A keynote speaker, and author of 16 books, Alexia Parks formerly wrote for the national desk of The Washington Post. She is noted in Wikipedia, as the first accredited blogger for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She has also served as a United Nations Mentor and founded the non-profit Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute.

As a United Nations mentor, Alexia Parks was assigned to work with a young woman leader from the Global South. She served as a virtual mentor to Rehmah Kasule, for 18 months. During the time of her mentorship, this young African leader became Fortune Magazine’s #1 award-winning Social Impact Entrepreneur at their 2014 Most Powerful Women in the World Summit. The following year, Rehmah Kasule received a First-Place award for creating “the most sustainable†program across the entire African continent.

At the 10TRAITS Leadership Institute, she developed a series of university accredited training programs for corporate and organizational leadership, and health care professionals, Colorado State University (CSU) Division of Continuing Education has accredited her online training programs.
Alexia Parks is recognized as a visionary thought leader and world expert on leadership and empowerment based on the synergy between 10 unique traits found in the brain. With a focus on trait-balanced leadership for improved decision-making, her breakthrough innovation and online tool is based on a dozen fields of science including neurobiology, neuroscience, the neuroplastic brain, split brain research, hormonal research, the psychology of perception and both cultural and physical anthropology.

Joel Rauchwerger Ph.D.

A blue icon of a hand holding a heart.Dr. Joel Rauchwerger, former faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, is a popular lecturer on preventative medicine, a scholar across many fields of science, and an athlete. He has had a lifelong interest in how to use fiber-rich, nutrient-dense foods and simple lifestyle changes to strengthen the Immune System and help prevent, reduce, or reverse many health and mental health problems. Dr. Rauchwerger is known for practicing what he preaches. He has not been sick, not even a common cold, in more than 50-years.

Fifty years ago, Dr. Rauchwerger received a fellowship from the National Institute of Health to fund his research at Baylor College of Medicine in the field in bone marrow transplantation. In 1974, he made a major medical breakthrough. His research showed that there was a genetic resistance by bone marrow transplant patients to having a transplant, such as a heart transplant. His report was well received by a panel of world experts in the field and his future in that specialized field of medicine looked bright.

However, his breakthrough research, which is still referenced to today in the medical literature, drove him to focus on a bigger vision of human health and pursue a career in preventative medicine. Instead of focusing on how to achieve a successful heart transplant, he decided to expand his understanding of food and lifestyle change that could prevent a person from having a heart attack, or other, preventable deadly disease, in the first place.

Dr Rauchwerger continued his research at Baylor College of Medicine and as a faculty member he used his vast medical knowledge to train future doctors and nurses. His teaching style was popular with medical students. There was a two-year waiting list to get into his classes.

In addition to serving on the faculty, Dr Rauchwerger also worked with well-known, world-famous cardiologist and heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey. He was also invited to join the team of medical doctors who worked on the case of the “Baby in the Bubble,†in which a baby named David, was born without an immune system. David’s life story was later made into a movie starring John Travolta.

Today, what makes Dr. Rauchwerger unique in the field of whole-body health is his vast knowledge of science, medicine, brain function, nutrition, biochemistry and psychology, as well as the fundamentals of basic, good digestion, the microbiome, a ketogenic lifestyle, human psychology, stress management and biofeedback.

A lifelong athlete, he has also developed an innovative, all ages, workout program called the 640 Workout. It’s a 10-minute, whole body exercise program that exercises all 640-muscles in the body, including the GUT and the heart.

In collaboration with Alexia Parks, Dr Rauchwerger has produced a 10-part medical library, 75 short, educational videos, and numerous books that focus on self-care. Each offers a whole-body approach to health and mental health and wellbeing, and is told with the skills of a scholar, educator and master storyteller.


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