Catalog of Courses 2023

For personal, professional and vocational career development

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Applied Community Food Resilience: How Sustainable Is Your Community?

Food Safety Basics: Master & Apply 10 Key Kitchen and Food Safety Rules

Get More Vitamins From Your Food: Learn Basic Nutrition and Meal Planning

Running A Successful Neighborhood Kitchen: Menus, Ordering, Staff Management

Home chefs, request a scholarship for paid on-job training

Almost 1-Million fresh, healthy meals prepared and delivered since 2020!

First Food Responders Solutions

  • Feed the hungry fresh, healthy food
  • Create home-based jobs – or in the local food industry
  • Build community housing, income & food equity
  • Develop an emergency food network- using local licensed /certified chefs & kitchens
  • Benefit long-term community health outcomes

First Food Responders Career Certifications & MBA

Any of the courses contained in our First Food Responder MBA program can be adapted to a standalone certificate of completion.  

  1. Kitchen Safety & Management
  2. Nutrition Coaching
  3. Small Food Business
  4. Mentorship Training
  5. Conflict Management
  6. Linguistic & Cultural Diversity
  7. Gender Balance in Leadership

Farm, Food and Nutrition Education

 We offer a range of educational courses, curriculums, lesson plans and teaching materials in Nutrition, Food Safety and Healthy Lifestyle adapted for all ages, including Farm to Child.

Client Engagement Levels

Nutrition and Food Prep Classes

  • Nutrition, Food Planning and Prep and Food Safety classes are offered at a consumer level to the public or through social services or programs like WIC.
  • Kitchen Management
  • Paid or volunteer on-the-job training offered underneath a certified kitchen manager while trainees study and train for their state or local Kitchen Manager Certification.
  • A-la-carte courses offered from our MBA according to participant interest including in Food Safety, Menu Planning, Staff Management and Nutritional Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship Courses and Mentorship
  • Training and mentorship offered as stand alone accredited or audited courses in marketing, accounting, menu planning , kitchen management. Participants who complete all courses are eligible to apply for an MBA in Applied Food Security Resilience.

If you love to cook in your own kitchen or looking for a home-based job with a sense of passion and purpose, the path to Zero Hunger for America starts with you!

Creating an oasis of hope by providing healthy food choices and food safety in uncertain times is the calling of all First Food Responders.

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