Alexia Parks

Award-winning author and social impact entrepreneur.


Joel Rauchwerger PhD

Former Faculty Baylor College of Medicine.


Shad Finney,

Master Chef for 23ZIP First Food Responders


Steven Lehat, Esq.

Global Food Safety Expert. Project Management


Patty Williams

Program Manager, Instructor 23ZIP, FFR

Madissen Elise Miller

Corporate Partnerships, Branding

Howard O. Bernstein, Esq.


Mehran Vahedi 

Financial Analysis Consultant

Juliana DelMonte

Consultant, Course Development, Instructor, Social Media

Drew Hacker

Database management, 33Cyber LLC

Jeff Larson

Narrasys .com/ Documentary Filmmaker

Ava Cohen


Cheryl & David Fellows 

The Fellows Group, CFO

Andi Hess


Amaury Saugrain

Software Developer

Focus on Success

Mentoring works! How much more of a head start in life might children get if their “rites of passage” through their teen years, and their need to establish their own identity, were centered on exploring and expanding their unique talents? What if teen rebellion was discovered to be nothing more than a child’s soul reacting to a forced detour off their Life path? How much time and money can be saved, then, if parents and teachers simply support the direction the children want to grow.

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Rapid Evolution

A Training Manual for Accelerating Your Personal Development At A Time of Rapid Change.

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Take the $5-A Day Challenge. Your Healthy Meal Planner. Did you know that your GUT is a muscle? So is your HEART. Do you know what foods exercise both? 23 Ingredients Meal Planner has been tested and proven successful over 50-years. This single recipe -based on 23 Ingredients – is designed to boost your health and fitness, reduce stress, increase your energy, support weight management, reduce disease risk and increase happiness.

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8 Great Ways to Thrive in the New Economy. Offers 8 Profiles of the Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. If one of these profiles fits you, stop looking for a job and start creating your DREAM job!

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Fine Dining on $5-A-Day. Eat and Repeat Twice Daily for Health, Wealth and Happiness. Mother Nature gave us so many wonderful ingredients to enjoy, why limit yourself to just 23? Here’s why: When you eat and repeat this same meal twice a day, it will both simplify your life and save you money, while lifting you to a higher level of health.

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GET Smarter Faster

WHAT IF you had a simple, easy to learn and apply, repeatable method for preventing workplace conflicts, improving relationships, and sustainably promoting your own personal development.

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