Today, the most common diseases of civilization are defined by what are called “mismatch diseasesâ€: the modern lifestyle is mismatched with the way our bodies were designed to function.

Here are the five biggest mismatches

  1. We were built for movement. However, today our lifestyle is mostly sedentary.
  2. We were designed for natural food nutrition with a lot of fiber in the diet. Today it’s just the opposite: most people eat highly refined food with very little fiber in the diet.
  3. We were designed for spending time in Nature. Today, too much time is spent indoors and on computers, video games and social media
  4. We were designed to be in community. However, pre- COVID, 80% of seniors were isolated at home. Once you factor in the coronavirus and its consequential social isolation and lockdown, the number of isolated seniors has rapidly increased.
  5. Our brain is designed for social behavior. The lack of face- to-face social engagement represents an underestimated health risk factor.  [Read more here.] Please add a new page for additional text from blogs.  SEE PDF article attached.  From OJAI Valley Magazine FALL 2021.